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 SHADETH Ready To Wear Couture Spring/Summer 2017 

This collection was inspired by modern art and early spring with a slight French Renaissance touch. Taking abstract prints like a Green Silk Organza with white brush strokes or a Multi Colored old Flower printed Cotton. Then seamlessly hemming with white diamonds giving each a Glam sparkled touch. This collection was meant to be a more feminine, softer, and glamorous collection while staying within our powerful and futuristic roots. SHADETH Spring Summer 2017 was made and created for that Feminine Bold Glamorous Woman. Or a woman who wants to feel as such.



 SHADETH Ready To Wear Couture Fall/Winter 2016 

This collection was greatly inspired by the famous book and all time story Alice in Wonderland. But instead of the collection being inspired by Alice and her story it was inspired by both the Queen of Hearts & White Queen as well as all the memorable characters like the Card Soldiers, The Catepillar, The Mad Hatter, and more. Using fun Silk & Cotton prints and Tulle. Like our Card Soldier Print dresses and jumpsuits. And to add a sophisticated look w each garment was hemmed with luxury diamonds.




 SHADETH Ready To Wear Couture Fall/Winter 2015 

Inspired by the Japanese anime movie Kakurenbo “Hide & Seek” this collection had a darker yet bolder Fall/Winter look. Using shades or red, gold, black, and silver within the fabrics. The fox masked children along with the monsters from the movie inspired the choice of bold Chinese printed Silks and Cotton. Giving it a dark whimsical yet traditional feel to. Also using black furs and extravagant embroidery to complete the Fall/Winter collection.



 SHADETH Ready To Wear Couture Spring/Summer 2015  

This Collection was inspired by the 1999 Disney Channel Movie movie “Zenon, Girl Of The 21st Century”, Korean Pop Culture, and everything else Futuristic. But at the same time infused in with old elements like hand made embroidery, applique, rhinestones and fringe. Using fabrics & materials like Organza, Rhinestone Mesh, Chinese Silk, Crushed Velvet, Satin Spandex, Metallic Tweed, and Embroidered Stretch Cotton.


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